Rori spent a great deal of time studying and manipulating the laws of physics, before eventually deciding to follow a different path as a freelance illustrator and writer. She’s currently balancing this with the needs of a toddler who can instantly locate the most dangerous place to climb on—and jump from—anywhere and a cat who regularly loses mice under the sofa.

Getting in Touch

The most reliable way to contact Rori is by email:

If contacting about art commissions, please read the Terms of Service first. For an accurate quote, please include the following information:

  • A brief description of the image
  • Size
  • Detail needed (e.g. background required)
  • Style (e.g. black & white, flat colours, rendered, watercolour)
  • Date needed by
  • Purpose (e.g. commercial use, adventure cover)

Social Media

Rori posts work in progress, and final, artwork to a variety of social media and can also be contacted there. In order of most-to-least frequently used, these are: