Commission rates are quoted for personal use only. For commercial use, refer to the table of add-ons. Example art is linked from the table, or see here. Contact me to discuss your needs and receive an accurate quote.

Please read the Terms of Service before enquiring about art commissions.

Type Price from
Sketch £36
Spot art, character bust £72
Half-page interior, character half body £144
Full-page interior, character full body £215
A4 cover £288


Type Price from
Additional characters +10%
Colour, flat +20%
Colour, cell shaded +30%
Colour, rendered +50%
Rush job +25%
Commercial use by independent creators +20%
Commercial use by unincorporated company +50%
Commercial use by incorporated company +100%

Example Illustrations

All illustrations are made at a default resolution of 300dpi unless agreed otherwise. Additional charges may be incurred when requesting particularly complex or large illustrations.

All character art comes with a simple background. Complex backgrounds, or character designs, may incur additional charges.

For more examples of my artwork and style, please browse my portfolio.

Default illustration size: Varies

Sketches are loose drawings in (digital) pencil, and form the first stage of any illustration I make. All commissions include a sketch as standard.

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Default illustration size: A6 (spot art), A4 (character bust)

Spot art refers to simple illustrations used to fill in, or decorate, blank spaces in text. For example, with images of potions, items, or simple scenery.

Character busts are of the head and shoulders of an individual character.

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Default illustration size: A5 (half page), A4 (character half-body)

A half-page interior illustration contains more detail than a spot art piece. Environments, scenes, monsters, and characters may be included, though detailed creatures may incur additional charges.

A character half-body is suitable for a waist-up (or thigh-up), detailed illustration of a single character.

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Default illustration size: A4 (full page), A4 (character full-body)

A full-page interior illustration is ideal for large scenes and/or creatures in action. Complex scenes, or creatures, may incur additional charges.

A character full-body is a detailed, head-to-toe, illustration of a single character.

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Default illustration size: A4

Covers are designed to attract attention, with compositions that work as well at small (thumbnail) sizes as well as large. Attention is paid to title, subtitle, and logo placement in relation to the illustration.

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Colouring examples:
Flat colours will set the tone of artwork, but do not include lighting. Linework remains visible.
Cell-shaded colours including lighting, and linework remains visible.
Rendered illustrations use a painterly, line-free, approach.