From Tuesday 23rd August 2022, OneDMtoAnother will become Montford Tales.

I've been working in the indie TTRPG sphere for a year now (I published my first adventure, The Travelling Salesman, on August 16th, 2021) and the experience has been both fascinating and creatively rewarding. Last year, when I was considering a “brand name”, I had no idea what I was walking into. I wanted to see what “this DM” could offer another - hence the name from “one DM to another.”

The difference a year makes

I hadn't expected how much, and how quickly, I'd rediscover my love of drawing. Or how quickly the project ideas would accumulate! I don't feel like being “one DM” is enough to satisfy my goals, and so the seed of a name change began to germinate.

I've big plans for the years to come. To begin with I'm branching out into TTRPG design (and my children's book dreams). Later I hope to bring together collaborations for even bigger, and better, projects.

It's a big name change

Many of you who've talked to me on Twitter know about my children's book plans. When looking more into it I found my surname is ludicrously common. So to give myself a little more space among those crowded shelves, I'm adopting the name Rori Montford. Rori, one of my nicknames, and Montford after our cat Monty. And from that we get to Montford Tales and my promise to be more than fluff.

My new namesake, Monty. He's also 'more than fluff.'

What does this mean?

I expect a bit of confusion over this transition—hence this post. After all, I have a chunk of stock art in circulation and there's bound to be a period where I may get referenced under either name. All of my stock art and licenses have been updated to reflect the brand change as of August 20th, 2022. Artwork produced before this date carries my old signature. Anything produced from this date onwards be signed with a new signature/stamp.

Written work whose authorship I'm able to edit has been changed to Rori Montford or Montford Tales. Other contributions, pre-August ‘22, will likely remain in my old name. From this point forward, everything will be under Montford Tales.

Any questions?

I'll be maintaining the domain for the foreseeable future and you can contact me at either address: or

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