I know, I know, it's October. Halloween hasn't even happened yet. Still, I like to plan a little ahead and Christmas isn't far away.

Like and retweet this post, and follow me on Twitter, to join in on this Christmas art giveaway. On offer are:

  • One traditional art commission, posted free of charge
    • Up to A3 size
    • Full colour or black & white
    • Traditional media such as ink, watercolour, marker, (coloured) pencil
  • Art print x 3, posted free of charge
    • Up to full size of original artwork
    • Any of my art that I can make prints from!

Keep it as a gift for yourself or gift it to a friend. Let's do something nice this Christmas.

Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  1. No purchase necessary to enter or win
  2. Please stick to Twitter's giveaway guidelines
    • One account only
    • Tweet responsibly
  3. Must be at least 18 to enter.
  4. If you'd like your art posted to you, I will need an address. A digital-only option is available if this is more convenient/comfortable.
  5. Winners will be picked randomly from those who liked, retweeted the giveaway post and follow me. The winner will be picked after 8pm BST on November 7th 2022.
  6. Artworks are provided for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes without further discussion.
  7. Artwork may not be used for NFTs or training AI.
  8. Artwork does not include mounts or frames.

Art Commission Terms & Conditions

In addition to the above conditions:

  1. As per my normal commission terms of service, I retain the right to decline any topic I find uncomfortable or of disproportionate scope for the time available. If a compromise is not possible, a print will be offered instead and another commission winner will be chosen.
  2. I retain all rights to the artwork, including (but not limited to) selling a digital version of the artwork as stock art for use in TTRPG's.
    • I understand characters can be very personal. If this is the case for you, let me know and I will make additional changes to the character and only publish the edited version for stock art use.
  3. Unlike my normal commission process, no revisions will be offered for this commission. We will discuss your ideas and share a small selection of thumbnails, but then the art is left in my hands. This is due to time constraints and ensuring it reaches you in advance of Christmas.
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