This adventure was written as part of the Storytelling Collective’s Write Your First Adventure workshop.

Content warnings: Horror, gore.

A magic shop, The Travelling Salesman, has appeared in town just in time for the party’s arrival. This shop specialises in being in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment, for the right adventurers. Its wisteria-covered frontage adorns any old blank wall space, and immediately looks like it’s been there for decades. Large paned windows are smeared with age-old dirt and hint at the vast array of interesting objects inside.

The shop belongs to Yannik Willowbough, an exhausted-but-jovial halfling with a passion for helping others. At least, it belongs to Yannik now. It was once home to a lich, Verdenia Siskin, who has recently concocted the perfect way to exact her revenge. She just needs a party of adventurer’s to turn to her point of view.

This adventure contains:

  • A (hungry) planes-travelling magic shop and former home of a powerful lich.
  • A lich who takes particular delight in winding adventurers around her little finger to do her bidding.
  • A planar tear that threatens to pull the whole town (or more!) into the Shadowfell.
  • A spooky house of delights.
  • NPCs whose motives will be thoroughly questioned by the party.
  • A 3—10 hour adventure for a party of any level and composition
  • Depending on the outcome the party may also benefit from:
  • A planes-travelling base of operations
  • A recurrent NPC quest-giver and/or helper
  • A devious, and eternally patient, antagonist.
  • Four original hand-drawn maps to support combat and exploration, with seperate versions suitable for VTTs.
  • Advice for new DMs to run this adventure smoothly.
  • A separate accessible adventure pdf.

The Travelling Salesman

Available on DMs Guild. Fantasy Grounds version available.

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