The Almanac of Sanguine Paths was successfully funded on Kickstarter on 14th October 2023. This page gives information about the game and how to pre-order it.

The Almanac of Sanguine Paths: Pre-order

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, pre-order The Almanac of Sanguine Paths through Backerkit, including all of the add-ons unlocked through stretch goals.

Pre-order on Backerkit
The Almanac of Sanguine Paths requires: 1-2 players, tarot cards and journal, no GM, and time to play.

Listen to the wolf within and delve deep into The Almanac of Sanguine Paths. Reveal its mysteries, communicate with others of your kind, and discover what sacrifices you dare make in pursuit of your ambitions. 

The Almanac of Sanguine Paths is a GM-less letter-writing and journaling game for 1-2 players. Choose your genre, build your world, and discover the joys of corresponding via a secret society with unknown motives. This game can be used alone or in conjunction with Dead Letter Society (Honourable Mention, 2023 Indie Groundbreaker Awards).

The Almanac of Sanguine Paths is a guide delivered to werewolves by an unknown benefactor containing methods of exchanging information between its holders.

Be (more than) a monster

Your Almanac may be an old book filled with information about the phase of the moon and tides, a newsletter that escapes your junk mail filter, or an indie gaming zine thrust into your hands one day. No matter its format, the origin of this benign text is unknown to you for now. Once in your hands, however, you begin to notice oddities: Pages glisten in moonlight; A sound mimics your favourite bird call; Pictures move when you're not looking.

You are certain there's more to uncover, but you'll need help. The first hidden message you discover tells you how to contact other werewolves with an Almanac; securely, secretly, and – if you choose it – anonymously. Together you can discover what it means to walk the Sanguine Paths.

A series of book mockups on a tablet, softcover, and special editions. Finally, one piece of artwork and a character sheet are shown.
From left to right: Digital PDF, softcover edition, special edition, and art examples from The Almanac of Sanguine Paths.


  • A werewolf journaling game that adapts to your preferred play style and genre.
  • A letter writing game without the waiting. You always have something to do.
  • Tarot-driven and intention-based journaling. Decide what you'd like to do, then draw and answer a journaling prompt to develop the idea. 
  • Immersive world and character building.
  • Game variants for solo and two-player games.
  • Six pre-generated settings, with two characters per setting. Each character has a sample introductory letter to inspire, or use in, your game. The settings complement Dead Letter Society and are: 
    • Lovecraftian London, England, circa 1878
    • Rome: Republic to Empire
    • Modern Day
    • The Tea Time Detective Agency ('cosy' 1920s detectives)
    • Gothic
    • The Generation Ships (sci-fi)
  • Fully illustrated with original pen and ink drawings inspired by werewolves and the tarot.

How to Play

Three phases of play represented as a circle: Letter Phase, Almanac Phase, and Chronicle Phase.
Players write and journal about their lives as werewolves out-of-phase with each other.
  • Build a world collaboratively, or choose a pre-built playset. World building frames the story you tell and summarises the expectations players have of the game.
  • Build characters and develop the items, locations, experiences, and people they know by immersing yourself in the moment you received The Almanac of Sanguine Paths. Alternatively, choose a pre-built character. 
  • The game proceeds out-of-phase for each player: 
    • In the Letter Phase, write a letter asking questions and commenting on the events of your life.
    • In the Almanac Phase, study the mystery book and learn its secrets or interact with the unknown society who sent it to you.
    • In the Chronicle Phase, pursue the threads you need answers to. Run through the forest, hunt prey, hide from the authorities, and deal with the cards life has dealt you. Read a letter from a friend, and know you're not alone.

Try it out!

A free preview is available on Itch. It contains everything you need to play a short 1-2 player game of The Almanac of Sanguine Paths.  Note: This is an unedited preview document with non-final layout and artwork. However, I hope it gives enough detail for you to learn if this is a game that you may enjoy.

The Almanac of Sanguine Paths: Unedited Preview

A free pdf containing all you need to play a short 1-2 player game of The Almanac of Sanguine Paths in a pre-generated setting (1880's steampunk London with Lovecraftian elements.)

Note: This is an unedited preview document with non-final art and layout.

Try it out!

Alternatively, if you prefer video you can watch/listen to me guide you through everything with this playlist: Building a world, building a character, the gameplay loop, and a full example of how it plays (or, how I play in any event.)

A playlist containing videos about: Building a World, Creating a Character, The Gameplay Loop, and an example of play.


A thought provoking, mysterious epistolary game that inspires the imagination like the full moon inspires a good, long howl - gothHoblin

Almanac of Sanguine Paths is a journaling game unlike any other. Endless options exist for the creation and exploration of both inner and outer worlds as you face the shadows of your past and present, and exchange experiences that help you define who and what you are. And what you are—is a werewolf. - @SkaldofShenan

This is an incredibly thoughtful game, the fact that it is letter based gives you time to think and ruminate, making interactions incredibly personal and thoughtful. - Therizinosaurus Cheloniformis

This project is proudly 100% human made

All art, writing, and design in this project is human made and at no point has it, or will it ever, involve the use of AI.

The Almanac of Sanguine Paths: Pre-order

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, pre-order The Almanac of Sanguine Paths through Backerkit, including all of the add-ons unlocked through stretch goals.

Pre-order on Backerkit
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