An art book and expansion for Dead Letter Society and The Almanac of Sanguine Paths.

The Art of Sanguine Letters contains high resolution tarot-themed artwork from Dead Letter Society and The Almanac of Sanguine Paths, including work-in-progress snapshots. Each artwork is accompanied by two alternative prompts, one for Dead Letter Society and one for The Almanac of Sanguine Paths. A print-at-home bookmark is included for easy identification of additional prompts during play.

Included are prompts for:

0. The Fool
1. The Magician 
4. The Emperor 
6. The Lovers 
7. The Chariot 
8. Strength 
9. The Hermit 
13. Death
14. Temperance
17. The Star 
18. The Moon 
19. The Sun 
Two of Wands 
Seven of Wands 
Nine of wands 
Five of cups 
Three of Swords 
Four of Swords 
Seven of Swords 
Ten of Swords 
Page of Swords

Please note that this is not a complete set of Major and Minor Arcana prompts. An A4 print version of this expansion will be available at the UK Games Expo and afterwards on the Montford Tales store.

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