It's time for a mini-update on my game plans for this summer.

Dead Letter Society

I'm working on getting print copies out into the wide world. You can now find Dead Letter Society in several bricks & mortar and online game stores, in addition to my online shop! If you'd like to support your FLGS, try one of these (listed in alphabetical order):

Dungeonland (UK)
Leisure Games (UK)
Iglootree (UK)
Orc's Nest (UK)
Ratti Incantati (Canada)
Stratagemma (Italy)

(Plus more coming soon)

The Almanac of Sanguine Paths

If you liked the premise of Dead Letter Society, but prefer werewolves over vampires – or simply want to write as a vampire-werewolf duo – I'm making excellent progress on its standalone-sequel, The Almanac of Sanguine Paths.

This 1-2 player epistolary and journaling game sees you play as werewolves walking the path between nature and humanity. With an enigmatic text in hand, and the sage words of your companion for company, explore life as a werewolf across the genres you enjoy.

Playtest and preview text will be available to subscribers ~ early August, ahead of a Kickstarter campaign (eta Sep 29th, the Harvest Moon).

Unnamed Post-Apoc Ocean Horror Game

This is still in progress, but at a much slower pace than Almanac.

One Last Thing

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