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Rori Montford

July 2023 Update

It's time for a mini-update on my game plans for this summer. Dead Letter Society I'm working on getting print copies out into the wide world. You can now find Dead Letter Society in several bricks & mortar and online game stores, in addition to my...

Rori Montford

A Discord Bot for Dead Letter Society

If you've been playing, or wanted to play, Dead Letter Society via Discord there's now a bot to simplify your (un)life. To use the Discord bot, invite it to your server using this link: Setting Expectations This Discord bot simplifies playing...

Rori Montford

Dead Letter Society: Second Printing

Dead Letter Society was brought to (un)life with the support of backers via Crowdfundr during Zine Month 2023. The first print run has sold out, but a second is on its way. If you backed the campaign in February, thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you...

Rori Montford

Dead Letter Society

Live your best unlife as the newest member of the Dead Letter Society, an exclusive communication network for vampires. Pursue your ambitions, and question the Society's motives, in this journaling and epistolary game for 1-2 players. Dead Letter Society is a journaling game where your letters drive the...

Rori Montford

Dead Letter Society Complete Solo Playthrough

Here you'll find one of my playtest games of Dead Letter Society using the full ruleset and prompts. You can try the free preview yourself by visiting the crowdfunding page below: Dead Letter Society: A 1-2 player RPG of vampires, letters, and a secret societyA GM-less roleplaying game...

Rori Montford

Dead Letter Society is Crowdfunding Now

Dead Letter Society is a GM-less epistolary and journaling game for 1-2 players. Take on the roles of vampires exchanging letters via a secret society, pursue your ambitions, and delve deep into the world you create together. The Crowdfundr campaign for a print run is now live! Dead Letter Society:...

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