Live your best unlife as the newest member of the Dead Letter Society, an exclusive communication network for vampires. Pursue your ambitions, and question the Society's motives, in this journaling and epistolary game for 1-2 players.

Dead Letter Society is a journaling game where your letters drive the action. Choose your genre, build your world, and discover the joys of corresponding via a secret society with unknown motives.

Dead Letter Society received an Honorable Mention in the 2023 Indie Groundbreaker Awards!
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  • Solo and two-player modes
  • Asynchronous play. Write a letter, send it, and still have important business to attend to while you wait for a reply. Play at a pace that suits you.
  • Tarot-driven and intention-based journaling enables you to explore what interests you.
  • 140 fully illustrated A5 pages.
  • Six pre-generated settings, covering a wide variety of genres, with two characters per setting. Each character has a sample introductory letter to inspire, or use in, your chronicles.
  • 26 black and white, tarot-inspired, illustrations by Rori Montford.


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Dead Letter Society is available in softcover, a special edition hardcover, PDF, and EPUB.

Special Edition Print

The special edition of Dead Letter Society features premium binding, a claret bookcloth cover with red foil embossed design, matching headbands and bookmark ribbon.

Dead Letter Society: Special Edition

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Softcover Print

Dead Letter Society: Softcover

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Softcover books are available online from the Montford Tales shop, or in several bricks & mortar and online game stores!

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An Italian translation by Narrattiva is available here.

Dotted notebooks, using art from Dead Letter Society, are also available here.


Digital copies are available to purchase at both and DriveThruRPG.

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Community Copies

A small number of digital copies are available for free at to help community members who'd like to play but cannot afford to support the game at this time. If all community copies are gone and you need one, contact me and I'll send you a code, no questions asked.

One community copy is added to the available pool for every purchase of Dead Letter Society in print or PDF.


If you're a retailer who is interested in stocking Dead Letter Society, please contact me for wholesale prices.

Reviews & Examples of Play


"The game feels like something secret and old."

- Loira, TTRPG Reviewer and Performer. Read the full review here.

"It is not only a wonderfully well thought out game with insightful prompts and a plethora of potential settings (really, it can work with anything, anywhere), but one that provided me with a whole heap of enjoyment, and I am sure a lot more to come."

-- @GothHoblin, TTRPG and Creative Writer. Check here for the full review and playthrough

"If I could only play one game ever again it would be probably be this one."

--@PennyBlake1827, TTRPG Writer and Reviewer. See the full review here.

Play examples

Dead Letter Society Complete Solo Playthrough
Here you’ll find one of my playtest games of Dead Letter Society using the full ruleset and prompts. You can try the free preview yourself by visiting the crowdfunding page below: Dead Letter Society: A 1-2 player RPG of vampires, letters, and a secret societyA GM-less roleplaying game for 1-2


Character sheets and Discord bot instructions

Discord Bot

A Discord bot is now available! This will randomise tarot cards for the Society and Chronicle phases of the game, giving you the prompts in your server. You can find out how to access and use the bot here.

Additional thanks

Dead Letter Society was created for Zine Month 2023, and lauched on Crowdfundr on February 7th. With the help of 137 wonderful backers, it is now out in the world for everyone to enjoy.

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